• allegra women's ensemble

    Allegra 2013

    Allegra Women’s Ensemble, 2013

  • whatcom sound jazz singers

    Whatcom Sound and Frank DeMiero

    Whatcom Sound Jazz + Frank DeMiero, 2013

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Bellingham Sings Choral Community

What is Bellingham Sings?

Bellingham Sings is a choral arts community, founded and directed by Ann MacDonald. Bellingham Sings offers voice classes and vocal workshops for singers of all ages and experience levels, and presently consists of two outstanding women’s choral ensembles that perform throughout our community from September through June.

Allegra Women’s Ensemble

Allegra Women’s Ensemble performs a mix of traditional choral gems for women’s along with fresh, new, contemporary pieces, just off the press. Learn more about Allegra…

Whatcom Sound Jazz Singers

Whatcom Sound Jazz Singers perform a mix of both jazz standards as well works by new composers on the jazz circuit. Learn more about Whatcom Sound Jazz Singers…

Inviting New Singers for 2014-2015 Season

Allegra and Whatcom Sound Jazz Singers are both seeking a few strong voices to balance our blend. If you or any women you know are seeking a unique, intimate, and FUN vocal ensemble experience, please consider auditioning for either the Allegra Women’s Ensemble or Whatcom Sound Jazz Singers. Click here to contact Ann MacDonald for more information or to learn about sitting in on a rehearsal!

Summer Song 2014 –

summer song with ann macdonald bellingham wa